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The patterns that happen by chance have their own beauty and significance. He juggles and he gets juggled. Again and again associations arise relating to quantum physics and the theory of relativity: fluctuation of quants, atomic order, repulsion and attractions, space is time and time is space, big bang vs. The piece contains 92 balls, 1 juggler, and a melancholic atmosphere mixed with glimpses of hope.

A bridge between contemporary art and performance. A contemporary happening addressed to a wide ranging audience.

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The starting point of the research is a reflection on some art works from worldwide contemporary art heritage by Joseph Kosuth, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Christian Boltanski, Jannis Kounellis, Goshka Macuga…. Il film tratta di immigrazione, in particolare del trattamento riservato ai migranti una volta giunti nel paese desiderato.

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The performance is thought as a study for three different figures that share a common goal, seek an internal order through continuity, rhythm, repetition of an individual physical process transformation of matter. The tools we use are on one side the body and the perception that one has of oneself, and on the other side, machines and technologies intended as an extension of the human body.

This is not personal, neither casual, dispassionate. I am here therefore I AM for you. How much of me do you see in a performance? Just like you are for me, a shade of my own perception. Did we become what we chose to become or are we what the circumstances make of us? Is it personality or a consequence of context? This show is nothing personal, it is the result of exchanging me together. Time transforms into games that become material which is vehiculated into forms and create a show. Enter her crazy world of make believe, where magic happens right in front of you, with the use of a magic marker!

This lady will sweep you off your feet and drag you into her imagination. Pesadilla is a performance in movement where dance is combined to contemporary circus, physical theatre and clownerie. The piece tells, with grotesque irony, about the existential growing ugly of a society on the edge of hysteria. Transformation and renovation; stereotypes are broken, surrealism is the key of change, shown by the evolution of the character, even if it is still trapped in his ropes.

In everyday life and routine twisting, and sometimes surprises, happen. The space changes, the body is undressed with the unnecessary to return primitive and evolve again. But everything is ironic and surreal, just like in life. A sequence of food-themed gags, juggling with ladles and trays, live music with pottery and spoons, seasoned with the greatest phisical theatre and the relation with the audience. In 11 we find human conflict, fortunately too human, between order and chaos, in the constant struggle between Symmetry and its Ab-sence.

Composer Dan Kinzelman and choreographer Daniele Ninarello meet for the first time on a common ground for exploration: space as a place in which to exercise and transfigure the physical and sonic body, its transience, its impermanence, the struggle to resist. Dan Kinzelman performs a suite of improvised music, mixing synthesis, noise and feedback together with the sounds of his saxophone and voice, creating complex, stratified textures with the help of a loop station.

In composing the choreographic part, Daniele Ninarello not only explores his familiar field of instant composition, but works within a territory created by the constant dialogue with the soundscape and the information he receives from it, to contact the invisible threads that bind body and space.

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The experimentation with sound and with the body thus tends to translate the perceptive elements that make the evolution of the human figure visible. Something inside the body vibrates constantly like a threat: it is chaos, the inner noise of scars and thoughts. And this is true for everyone. Only dance can gradually bring these traces into the here and now. And wipe the gaze clean, find peace. Like a true physical mantra to explore in its continuity: the mute perimeter of properly unshackled thought.

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  8. It is the process of two people sharing something that is close to their heart, and using this to learn about each other, and learn from each other. Boa Noite is juggling, it is a process of meeting, of experimentation. A delicate and joyful act with a table and many juggling props.

    At the base of our creation and play is juggling and object manipulation Balls and Clubs. This is a passion we share, and this passion extends out into our bodies, and how we can use the two together to create a language and a dialogue.

    Biennale Musica 12222

    How the body and object move within the space and where and how they meet is at the centre of our research. Intention is also strongly rooted in our work and our journey, as creators and artists we search to justify our intentions and give meaning to our actions. To share who we are and what circus means to us. Dystonie is a celebration to living beings, even minerals. Although it to look stupid, it seems important. They explore new ways to create and interpretate juggling in solo, duo and trio. Exploration will focus on all the qualities of bodies: ugliness, gag and illness.

    The show looks really serius, even if everything is for fun.

    Category: Spettacoli

    He goes to a job interview for an interesting position at the site of an international corporation. While climbing till the apex presidential floor the lift suddenly stops. The suspended time and compressed space push the character to reconsider his initial motivations, to think with spiking irony about the infinite tension between objective and subjective reality, and finally get to his definitive choice.

    Laden Classe is a new young desecrating company following the path established by Subliminati Corporation. They freely mix languages, disciplines and live music to punch the public and get their attention on the incongruences of our society, reinventing circus with freshness and irony. Nebula is a sensorial piece between circus and digital arts.

    It is a duo on a Chinese pole between a man and a woman. The characters are integrated into a scenic set up that is itself an independent living organism, a parallel dimension in which they are immersed, and the Chinese pole is part of it. This organism resonates with their relation , their mutual feelings, it is a physical mirror of their relationship. Nebula wants to explore the complexity of relationships between two beings, whose social roles are undefined. Nebula is a sensory journey. A cycle, a constantly evolving universe, organic, alive. The spiral of time. The breath.

    A flip to the physical space, a new sight, another angle. It means to accept to have the body of the other and to accept to give your body to the other; to understand the strength and the fragility of each one. The strength of the artists meets the fragility of poetry. Roue cyr, slack wire and Chinese pole with sounds coming from far away. Having distilled the musical virtues of discarded objects such as plastic bottles and used tin cans, the unbridled luthier Max Vandervorst now wields scissors in an assault on a most fragile and improbable substance : paper and cardboard.

    Woodwinds, strings and percussion are well represented in this quasi-symphonic instrumentarium. The cherries Sig. The show is a vast musical box Stories, Songs and found, built with twenty years experience … and with renewed freshness by current events. Giovane compagnia di circo contemporaneo italo-argentina, il progetto nasce in Italia nel Insieme, hanno creato lo spettacolo Involucion : mano a mano e acrobatica in un crescendo poetico e suggestivo.

    Raccontalo attraverso un video della durata esatta di un minuto! Two men and two women create separately their duos to get together again later on. Get separated to meet again better later! A new method to renew the creative process. Julien Vittecoq choosed Claudio Stellato. After the TV success of Zelig Circus and the collaboration with the great transformist Arturo Brachetti, the Lucchettino present their explosive show based on their best sketch, the most exilarating gags and the crazy magic effects proposed in 20 years of activity.

    An amazing show that can shakes the audience beliefs: you will never know if you ever had a watch or a wallet. Tino Fimiani is a clown, a deluded illusionist and a naive ventriloquist, he can mixes juggling, acrobatics, magic, pickpocket and comedy.