The Misadventures of Cpl. Sachs

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War criminal in this case. Email fraud previously.

The Misadventures of Cpl. Sachs

Failure of duty in Libya. Oh, remember Vincent Foster. Murder no less. Trump is a sociopath and HRC has her delusional detractors. What good do they do? When the Republicans started their journey to the far right the DLC captured the right of center people. That was the answer to the southern strategy. Keep some social progressiveness.

She not a criminal. Americans are apparently not yet ready for a good old fashioned New Deal Democrat. Workers are afraid of unions. Americans never could stay out of a good fight. And he had real compassion. He was an old style Keynesian. He understood the importance of the government spending money on the nation, and that the nation would return that money to the wealthy as they spent it to stay alive.

I agree that Hillary Clinton is many kinds of criminal. I also agree with the others that it no longer matters in the US. Bush Sr. Bush Jr. On down the ladder US policemen routinely kill people. Many are cold-blooded executions. Very seldom is there any prosecution. Even rarer than that is a conviction. Big Carbon Fuels is destroying the Planet Earth.

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No politician of note has done a thing about this. Or worse, welcomes the End Of The World. US citizens are becoming numbed to violence by the sheer frequency frequency. And increasingly have their noses in their handheld devices tuning out all the news. A very nasty piece of work is about to become President of the US of A. She has done many things for which better humans than her are in prison. If the email hackers produce actual evidence of actual crimes, she will NOT be prosecuted. You are absolutely right that Hillary is a moderate Republican in a sheep skin of Democrat.


Essentially selling the Party to Wall Street. Professor Bacevich had shown that the main driver of the US militarism is neocons domination of the US foreign policy, and, especially, neocons domination in State Department regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in power.

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They profess that the US that is uniquely qualified to take on the worldwide foes of peace and democracy, forgetting, revising, or ignoring the painful lessons of World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq. And that establishing and maintaining the neoliberal empire is worth the price we pay as it will take the USA into the period of unprecedented peace. Bacevich scored a direct hit on the foundations of the American national security state with this scathing critique, and demolishes the unspoken assumptions that he believes have led the United States into a senseless, wasteful, and counter-productive of perpetual war for perpetual peace.

The driving force in all recent wars is the desire to protect and enlarge the neoliberal empire. That means that election of Hillary means war and voting for her means voting for war. As simple as that. Any Republican that is saying they are not going to vote for Trump will already be sure they are going to the polls and voting Rep right down the line. This presidential criminal talk is enlightening. I commented a little while ago about Trump blue collar supporters have a history of very low election turnout.

My brother in Atlanta said the rednecks are not even registered and many do not know that in almost every state they have to register before election day. I would find it the supreme irony if these Trump voters were turned away at the polls because of the voter restrictions the republican state legislators have imposed over the past years.

And you know what they would do next, Spencer? Nuremberg trials were a series of 13 trials carried out in Nuremberg, Germany, between and So the standard is applicable only from late or In President Eisenhower warned about the rise of a Military Industrial Complex MIC — an elite consensus that, in effect, turned the United States decisively away from its New Deal social programs to endless military buildup justified by grossly exaggerating the Communist threat. At a career seminar organised by the TAS, a pre-university student had other students sniggering and a distinguished industry panel wide-eyed in awkward silence when he took the floor during question-and-answer time.

The gangly lad told the panelists that. Tuesday saw the launch of CommunicAsia What better way is there to lure visitors at CommunicAsia to test your technology? The voice clarity. This virtual salesman, Net Spirit, was the creation of a six-month-old Singapore company, Net2l.


Net Spirit gives e-shopping a personal touch by appearing. Classified brightens my business. Sell h. Find h. Call Today For Results Tomorrow. Page 6. The Kuala Lumpur Composite. Total vehicle sales, including cars and. Page 7. The IMF. Thais doubt recovery on its way: researchers Rising joblessness, spiralling bad loans, poor exports cited AFP [BANGKOK] More than 82 per cent of Thais doubt government assurances of economic recovery this year, according to research published yesterday, undermining official claims consumer confidence is returning.

Rising unemployment, sluggish exports and spiralling. The fair, to be held between Feb 3 and 17 next year, will take place in the outskirts of. Deputy chief Eko Budianto said that. The report will include figures on private investment, manufacturing production and capacity utilisation.

Mr Hasan said the lay-off programme will include employees working at BNI overseas. Because within the luxurious expanses have.

I, i Series and its closest rival: a side-by-side comparison. Balled in more than its may be a new concept to our rival, serious motorists.. Page 8.

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