The Holy Spirit (The Word of God)

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David B. Pastor, professor, and author, he has also served as a missionary, ministering in Europe and Central and Southeast Asia. How Can I Know for Sure? Both confidence and contentment have eluded many of us. But any peace, resolve and assurance flee with heartless cruetly, the moment a new crisis faces us or a new argument compels us. Are we left in such a miserable state?

The Holy Spirit and the Word of God

Can we do no better in this life than to float, flounder, and flit? In our last column, we contemplated the uniqueness of the Bible. We then argued that because God has spoken , we have a wholly reliable Bible worthy of our unswerving trust. But just how much confidence should we put in it? After all, the Bible is a human book written by human authors, is it not?

Fair questions to which there are strong, God-given, peace-filling answers. In his final New Testament letter, the Apostle Peter warns the first century church of the dangers of false teaching and exhorts them to remain firmly established in the truth of the gospel.

What Does it Mean to be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

The stakes are high. Peter knows not only the blinding persuasion of false teaching, but is also conscious that lives are shaped and ultimate destinies determined by what is believed. The task entrusted to Peter as an apostle is that of shepherd. To love Jesus is to love his sheep. Just as he had relied upon the Scriptures in his preaching and teaching as the means of authoritative speech to the people of God, [6] in his final apostolic letter, Peter calls the sheep to rely unreservedly upon the Word of God.

The particular manner in which he does so is arresting. The voice of God is self-attesting. When a lion roars, one does not wonder if it was a mouse.

Bible Verses On The Holy Spirit - Scriptures On The Holy Ghost (Audio Bible)

While his readers will soon no longer enjoy personal apostolic ministry after the close of the apostolic age, he assures them they have a vital source of certain and reliable truth. Prophetic and apostolic word persists in Scripture. Peter points the sheep to the Scriptures. The fact that the Spirit communicates this truth by speaking shows that the truth is expressed by words and sentences that can be understood. That should not need to be affirmed among evangelicals, but the spirit of postmodernism has infiltrated the church so that fewer than one out of three who claim to be born again believe that there is such a thing as absolute moral truth.

Among Christian teenagers, only 6 percent believe in absolute moral truth!

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This de-emphasis on truth has also led to a de-emphasis on doctrine. Many even apply this to justification by faith alone and other vital truths that divide Roman Catholics and Protestants. Of course there have always been cantankerous believers who pride themselves on being right about every fine point of doctrine. But the enemy has used that error to cause many to swing into the opposite error of tolerating damnable error under the banner of unity and love. But a major portion of the New Testament is written to warn us about false teaching.

For example, Paul warned about the antichrist, who will come 2 Thess. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. But in this context, it mainly refers, as D. The Holy Spirit has not given new, authoritative revelation since the completion of the canon of Scripture. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to give us understanding and illumination as we study the Scriptures, but He is not giving new revelation on a par with that given to the apostles and prophets as contained in the Bible.

Also, the Spirit does not reveal anything to anyone contrary to Scripture. The Holy Spirit guides us in all the truth, which is now contained in the written Word of God. Thus, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is progressive, personal, and truth-centered. All things that the Father has are Mine; therefore I said that He takes of Mine and will disclose it to you. But Jesus said it. He does not call attention to Himself, but to Christ.

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He does not lead us to focus on our experiences, but on Christ. When people continually emphasize the Holy Spirit and their supposed experiences in the Spirit, they are not filled with the Spirit.

38 Bible verses about The Holy Spirit, And Scripture

The Spirit exalts Jesus Christ. Glory comes to Jesus as the truths of the gospel are established in the lives of men. These verses can also be plumbed for their insights on the nature of the Triune God. The three persons are distinct and yet each is fully God. Each person has different roles or functions. The Father sent the Son and the Son sent the Spirit. Just as the Son only speaks what He hears from the Father John ; , 20; ; , ; ; , so the Spirit only speaks what He hears. The three members of the Trinity are co-equal as God, distinct in their functions, and yet one God.

The Lord wants us to apply His teaching here to our walk with God: Is the Holy Spirit progressively guiding you in all the truth, especially the truth about Christ, as you study His Word?

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Do you see His personal ministry in your life as He works to conform you to Christ? Are you growing to understand more deeply the great truths of Scripture, centered in Christ and the gospel? And, is your life increasingly Christ-centered and Christ-glorifying? Subscribe to the Verse of the day.

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