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Veena Indian. How to say subterfuge in sign language? Examples of subterfuge in a Sentence Adam Schiff : This is not transparency, only a further subterfuge. Westwood One : Its happening right before our eyes, and its going to destroy the country, as they try to push us into a socialistic economic system and destroy whats left of our constitutional system, its been a subterfuge to undermine our constitutional system, to undermine our capitalist system, and to create this almost zen-like support for this radical agenda -- which hasas its purposeto destroy many of our freedom institutions in this country.

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A deceptive stratagem or device: The meeting was a subterfuge to get him out of his office while it was searched. Origin of subterfuge French from Old French suterfuge from Late Latin subterfugium from Latin subterfugere to escape subter secretly, beneath ; see upo in Indo-European roots. Close What are red words?

Close Thesaurus. Close singular subterfuge plural subterfuges. Synonyms and related words.

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