Smart Soul: Discover Your Internal Guidance System®—Transform Your Life Using the Human GPS

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If you want to experience more flow and abundance in your business, what would that look like specifically? How many clients would you like each month or how many programs would you need to sell, and how easily would you find those people? Get specific on how your business would look and feel.

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Do you wish you could live your truth more fully and experience greater levels of freedom, fulfilment, love and happiness? Click here to download it now. And if you stray far enough away from your true self, you can end up depressed or unwell.

Women on the Edge of Evolution

In need of inspiration? Get your copy of our 1 International Bestseller now! And the same goes for adapting any new belief or behaviour; we first have to forget about how we used to think, and really consciously and proactively CHOOSE to believe and act in a new way. Which is why we all need guidance and support during any period of change — to keep us on the path we truly want to walk. The book is an uplifting, inspiring read that will — I hope — inspire you to dig deeper to find your own personal truth and to make conscious choices to align yourself more closely to it. Below I share the 5 powerful myths, messages, and beliefs that I personally had to UNLEARN before it was possible for me to step into a new way of living for myself, in alignment with my heart and soul.

In high school, I loved languages, literature, and the humanities.

They felt natural and easy to me; it was as though my brain was wired for them. I could sail through exams with relatively little effort, in comparison to the maths and sciences subjects, which felt hard and tedious and required huge amounts of effort to get decent grades. Emerging out of the post-depression era, many of our Baby Boomer parents knew nothing but hardship and struggle growing up, which they passed onto us. As children, we start out being very connected and in-tune with our own hearts.

e-book Smart Soul: Discover Your Internal Guidance System®—Transform Your Life Using the Human GPS

As I was growing up, I understood work to be a necessary evil to help pay the bills. And it seemed natural that I would have to do the same. When your work is accompanied by feelings of joy and positive emotion, you tap into an unlimited reservoir of creativity and potential that has limitless positive ripple effects. Unfortunately, the more money I seemed to make, the more miserable and empty I felt inside.

And yet, our brains are only one part of an entire world of intelligence that we have access to. Modern-day breakthroughs in scientific research have shown that we actually have three intelligence centres in our bodies. And mBraining is not the only organisation that researches and talks about the three different intelligence centres. Other organisations like The Omega Institute, HeartMath , and The Shift Network , and great leaders who bridge science and spirituality like Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra ,have long been talking about the untapped power available to you when you integrate your three intelligence centres.

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Grounded in verified scientific research, Australian psychologists Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka developed the mBIT coaching philosophy Multiple Brain Integration Techniques , which is comprised of a suite of tools and techniques for communicating with, integrating and harnessing the power of your three intelligence centres which, when working together, produce amazing results.

Today there are thousands of mBIT coaches in over 32 countries worldwide, helping people integrate their three intelligence centres to improve their lives. HeartMath has a raving fan base with thousands of great testimonials and results, endorsements from high-profile leaders leaders in the personal development space, and over 8, certified HeartMath practitioners worldwide.

We ask our friends what they think, we ask our parents or mentors, or we seek counselling or therapy to help us find our own answers. And she was right.

PDF Smart Soul: Discover Your Internal Guidance System®—Transform Your Life Using the Human GPS

But I was so disconnected from myself that I had no idea how to go about accessing my own inner answers. I had to go through a long process of slowly reconnecting to myself and my truth before I was able to start listening to — and receive guidance from — my own inner compass. Your soul is not limited by fear, anxiety, or self-doubt. It knows the path of your fullest expression.

Connecting with your inner compass and your soul brings you into alignment with your highest and most fully-expressed potential. It really is the only way to make good decisions. To hear your inner guidance, you need to have a specific intention to converse with it. And then you need to create enough space in your life to be in a receptive state, to receive its guidance. It speaks to you during those peaceful, contemplative moments when the hyperactive mind is quiet enough for it to be heard.

An over-busy mind drowns out anything that your inner guidance might be trying to whisper to you. You need to get quiet and find ways to cultivate stillness inside. The reason this works is because joyful memories allow you to vibrate at a high frequency, which is critical for accessing your higher knowing. Your energetic vibration can be measured, and your vibration rate a. The frequency of different emotions has been measured, and scientists have developed the following guide to the frequency of emotions the image below is from The Omega Institute.

It takes less than ten minutes a day, and it works.

I give full credit to my mentor Gina Maria Mele who first introduced me to this specific process. Put your hands on your belly and take deep, slow breaths in through your nose, all the way down into your belly. Feel your hands move in and out as you breathe. Breathe as long as it takes to feel your body and mind relax. Keep focusing all your attention on the breath. Bring your attention to your chest. Feel it rise and fall with each breath in and out. Do this until you can feel all your attention and awareness in your chest. Perhaps you can even feel your heart beating.

Think of a time in your life when you felt real joy, love, or happiness. Maybe it was while holding your puppy? Or your first kiss? Or holding your baby in your arms for the first time? Perhaps you were with friends and felt a moment of spontaneous fun and laughter. Think of any experience that invokes strong feelings of joy and love.

Now take yourself back into that experience and really re-live it in your mind. Remember how it felt, how it sounded, how it looked, how it smelt. Really take yourself back there and feel all the feelings and sensations you felt in that moment. As you sink into those feelings, imagine a big white light radiating outwards from your chest.

As you hold the happy memory in your thoughts, bring this white light all the way up to about a meter above your head. You may not be able to visualise this and instead just feel it depending on your dominant sensory mode. As you sit in the memory of your happy experience in your bubble of white light, bring your focus back to your chest and ask a question that you really want to know the answer to. Ask whatever question is most relevant to you right now.

Episode 2: The Divine Self

Sit quietly and wait for any images, sounds or feelings to come to you. It will come later. If your mind drifts, bring it gently back to your question and be open and receptive to any guidance.