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A Dance with Dragons. George R. The Witching Path.

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Amythyst Raine. Simple Wiccan Magick Witches' Cookbook. Holly Zurich. E L James. Deborah Blake. Kat Sanders.

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  • You can have as much or as little on your alter as you like. There is no right or wrong way. I don't really have many magical items on me at this moment, so for now my altar is multi-use it's an old work table I borrowed. Is that okay, or do the perfume bottles substract meaning to the altar? If you feel it subtracts meaning from your altar or if they feel wrong standing near your altar, you should put them elsewhere.

    If you have no problem with them standing there and don't feel like there is negative energy around your altar, you don't have to move them. It can be anywhere you'd like.

    Simple Wicca : Michele Morgan :

    You could have multiple altars if you want. Not Helpful 3 Helpful I'm in the broom closet, I'm kinda broke, and I'm using TV trays as my altar. Generally, people prefer to have a surface or drawer or what have you dedicated solely to their altar, but whatever you can use should fine, as long as your altar is assembled with love and respect. If it still doesn't feel right to you, then put a little bit of money to the side and save up for something inconspicuous you can use, like an end table or a bedside table or a small bookshelf or something; check secondhand stores like the Salvation Army to save yourself some money.

    If you like to keep your tools hidden, shave a chest with a lock to keep your tools in like candles, pentacle, etc. Good luck and blessed be. My mother forbade me to practice Wicca. How do I convince her that my true calling is to be a witch? Tell her that Wicca is a nature-based religion.

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    We do not worship Satan and are totally against harming others and ourselves. You can show her some videos or books about Wicca so she can see what it's about. If your mom still won't let you, you will have to respect her and wait until you move out on your own to practice Wicca.

    Are there any places I can get items stones, statues, candles, etc.

    Simple Wicca

    I'm a beginner too. Dollar stores, Walmart, thrift stores, wherever you feel is right. Sometimes, thrift stores happen to have stuff that really speaks to you, and it's cheap! It's ok to put an altar in the middle of a bookshelf and use the rest as, well, a bookshelf? Is the only available place I have for the moment, but I'm not sure if that would be disrespectful.

    8 Super Easy Spells for Beginners

    My parents detest pagan practices, can I still have an altar to my goddess Brigid? Don't ever feel bad for worshiping Brigid, and know your parents may be wonderful people and simply unable to understand. If you are living with them or are in any way dependent on them, it's best to hide it there are many ways, such as blending it in if it is inconspicuous enough. Some altars are simple yet beautiful and sacred.

    The other option would be to worship her without an altar, which can be harder and feel sad but can also fit some it's up to you to see if you manage this way. Altar or not, cover your tracks: don't make items obvious, keep the least amount in their house, never leave anything Pagan on your computer or phone, and hold rituals very discreetly alone or outdoors.