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David Foster Wallace, who briefly attended the Ph. Gass, who received his Ph. Like Murdoch, he claimed that the influence of his philosophical education on his fiction was negligible. I believe in the ideal of objectivity. Embedding a philosophical debate in richly imagined human stories conveys a key aspect of intellectual life. Not that anyone noticed.

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Which raises an interesting, even philosophical question: Is it possible to write a philosophical novel without anyone knowing it? Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Next-generation sequencing data can provide information regarding disease complexes, variants of viral species, and abundance of particular viruses.

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This information can be used to develop more accurate diagnostic assays. Reliable virus screening in support of robust grapevine certification programs remains the cornerstone of GLD management. Prosodic characteristics of different varieties of Brazilian Portuguese. The forensic use of bioinformation: ethical issues.

This is a document which is of considerable interest to professionals working in the criminal justice system, to key stakeholders, and to scholars and students focused on the forensic ap Burgundy regional climate change and its potential impact on grapevines. Two time periods were selected: and The smallest increments variety flowering and veraison dates. For , the projected dates are 8 and 12 days earlier than those during , respectively.

They show strong impact on Pinot noir development.

Identification of Eutypa lata, a Grapevine Parasite. It was first discovered and identified in Australian vineyards Carter,, where it represented one of the most dangerous fungus pathogens of this plant. A few years later it was discovered in European vineyards as well.

This polyfagous fungus,known originally as E. In Serbia, Eutypa lata has not been determined officially. However, bearing in mind the form of its spreading anemochory, as well as the fact that our country is a major producer of grape and fruit, we need to pay special attention to this dangerous pathogen since thereare indications that it is already present in our vineyards. Many of them had grapevines with typical eutypa dieback symptoms. The aim of the inspection was to find grapevines with this disease, to mark them and take samples for laboratory analysis.

Marking suspicious grapevines enabled us to monitor the volume of symptoms, as well as other changes on grapevines. Genetic diversity among old Portuguese bread wheat cultivars and Carvalho H. Guedes-Pinto J. Research Note Volume 88 Issue 3 December pp Supplementary data: Genetic diversity among old Portuguese bread Table 1. Cultivar passport code Botanical variety.

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Cultivar name. Galego Rapado. Mocho de Espiga Ruiva. Gentil Rosso. Comparative response of six grapevine rootstocks to inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi based on root traits. Arbuscular mycorrhizal AM symbiosis has been proven to be essential in grapevines , sustaining plant growth especially under abiotic and biotic stressors. The mycorrhizal growth response of young grapevines varies among rootstock cultivars and the underlying mechanisms involved in this variation are unknown. We predicted that this variation in mycorrhizal response may be explained by differences in root traits among rootstocks.

We analyzed the entire root system of six greenhouse-grown rootstocks Salt Creek, Couderc, Riparia Gloire, Millardet et de Grasset, Swarzmann, Teleki 5C , with and without AM fungal inoculation Rhizophagus irregularis and characterized their morphological and architectural responses. Twenty weeks after the inoculation, aboveground growth was enhanced by AM colonization. The rootstock varieties were distinctly different in their response to AM fungi, with Salt Creek receiving the highest growth benefit, while Schwarzmann and 5C Teleki receiving the lowest.

Plant responsiveness to AM fungi was negatively correlated with branching intensity fine roots per root length. Furthermore, there was evidence that mycorrhizas can influence the expression of root traits, inducing a higher branching intensity and a lower root to shoot ratio.

Marco Brasil Filho - RODEIO UMUARAMA 2019

The results of this study will help to elucidate how interactions between grapevine rootstocks and AM fungi may benefit the establishment of new vineyards. The experimental design was completely randomized blocks, with 15 treatments, three replicates and ten vines per plot. The results show that all variables evaluated were significantly affected by the year and the rootstock. In general, rootstocks had adapted well to the environment where the experiment was carried out, giving vigor and high yield to Cabernet Sauvignon grapevine , which means that they may be used by grape growers in this region.

However, the choice of the right rootstock depends on various aspects, such as those related to the soil characteristics, climate conditions, grape varieties , and even clones, and production purposes. The Portuguese Climate Portal. The climate portal provides systematic and easy access to authoritative scientific data ready to be used by a vast and diverse user community from different public and private sectors, key players and decision makers, but also to high school students, contributing to the increase in knowledge and awareness on climate change topics.

A comprehensive set of regional climate variables and indicators are computed, explained and graphically presented. Variables and indicators were built in agreement with identified needs after consultation of the relevant social partners from different sectors, including agriculture, water resources, health, environment and energy and also in direct cooperation with the Portuguese National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation ENAAC group.

The visual interface allows the user to dynamically interact, explore, quickly analyze and compare, but also to download and import the data and graphics. The climate variables and indicators are computed from state-of-the-art regional climate model RCM simulations e. The portal provides both historical data observed and modelled for the period and future climate projections for different scenarios modelled for the period.

A large effort was undertaken in order to quantify the impacts of the risk of extreme events, such as heavy rain and flooding, droughts, heat and cold waves, and fires. This diversity influences the development, the amplification and the renewal of a language, as well as the teaching-learning process. Thus, we proposed to analyze the lexicon varieties of Spanish language entries in some Spanish- Portuguese bilingual dictionaries for Brazilian learners.

In order to achieve this goal, we selected some examples of lexical variety in a corpus organized with texts of different textual genres and we verified if these lexical items are registered in the dictionaries chosen. As the corpus is organized from texts present in didactic manuals used in Brazil, our goal is to verify if the vocabulary which the Brazilian learner has contact in formal education is registered in the analyzed dictionaries. Complete nucleotide sequence of the RNA-2 of grapevine deformation and Grapevine Anatolian ringspot viruses.

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  • As previously observed in other nepoviruses, the 5' non-coding regions of both RNAs are capable of forming stem-loop structures. Phylogenetic analysis of the three proteins encoded by RNA-2 i. Non-destructive assessment of grapevine water status in the field using a portable NIR spectrophotometer. Until now, the majority of methods employed to assess grapevine water status have been destructive, time-intensive, costly and provide information of a limited number of samples, thus the ability of revealing within-field water status variability is reduced.

    The goal of this work was to evaluate the capability of non-invasive, portable near infrared NIR spectroscopy acquired in the field, to assess the grapevine water status in diverse varieties , grown under different environmental conditions, in a fast and reliable way.

    Rodeios literários

    The research was conducted 2 weeks before harvest in , in two commercial vineyards, planted with eight different varieties. Spectral measurements were acquired in the field on the adaxial and abaxial sides of individual leaves 20 leaves per variety using a commercially available handheld spectrophotometer nm. The performance differences between models built from abaxial and adaxial-acquired spectra is also discussed.