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They can stand on their own. You can stuff the body with stuffing and enjoy as Christmas ornament or put them on peg doll stands. The new Knit Now magazine also has an exciting free gift with my patterns. I would like to share the news in the next post. The outfits are removable. You get both boy and girl bear patterns.

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The commission included the nighties like these. Sadly, there was no space for the nightie patterns. The information is included in the article. The issue with these little elves came out in August while I was away in Japan, suffering from the heat! Since I started submitting my patterns to magazines, it became my habit to knit Christmas early. I do festive knitting in June. We had an amazingly hot weather for a week or so in June, but I was knitting Santas, snowmen, elves and reindeers.

It is one of my favourite things to do. Magazine editors wanted Christmassy characters earlier than previous years. They said that their readers want the patterns early. I think they are charming. You can surely enjoy them any time of the year. They have a fantastic website and you can download some of my patterns for free. Here are some of my previous work. The projects are all worked with their covermount kit yarns. To knit my designs using commercial DK 8-ply yarn, I recommend 3mm knitting needles.

See, everyone is preparing early.

The latest issue of Knit Now should have the part 1 of my Nativity finger puppets; Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the three wise men. The following issue will have the part 2; three shepherds, a bull, a donkey and a sheep. Someone wrote about my career recently and made me sound like a knitting super star. I did a one page short interview article with them some time ago. It was before any of my books came out and was my very first interview. I sent a copy to my mum. I still have the issue myself. I supplied most photos.

My book publisher, Search Press kindly offered some images as well, like this puppies photo. This project is included in A-5 size mini book, 20 to make tiny toys. It is one of my favorites. I am pleased that it is included in the article. I submitted this photo. It is one of my knitted amusement park project, airplane ride. My knitted carousel was in the same page, and apparently, these attracted many interests.

I would love to publish these patterns some day. Knitting part is not too complicated, however, the assembling requires good explanations, possibly with step-by-step photos. Also, the airplane project needs a little bit more work. Here I confess, some of the airplanes turn upside down when I let my hands go and I had a bit of trouble taking photos. I have to sort something out to fix this. May be I should tie a string to the top side of the airplanes to keep them right side up.

The article comes with the aardvark knitting pattern. It was another unique request from the publisher. The jumper has a button in the back and is removable. I guess I have to be diligent and looking out for my work. This is one of the quirky requests I often get from editors, otherwise, I would not even think of knitting robots.

They named them Knitbots. I like getting requests. It is rewarding when I succeed to meet their brief and receive nice compliments. I also enjoy the challenge, but the best of all, I get inspired to create. Sometimes, I carry on having fun, making similar items after I finish my commission.

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I missed the publication for this one. Dummy holder is far from what I need at this moment, but surprisingly, I very much enjoyed designing them. I finished the original request and continue making more holders. It is a bit silly, I know, but I made ladybirds, flowers, chicks and all sorts of things as a motif.

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I also discovered that they would make nice brooches, so that I made even more. Animal faces are simple and cute, and seasonal items are also fun to make. To be honest, there have been some commissions I initially could not feel too excited about. I thought they were not my style or anything I fancy knitting, however, I always ended up having lots of fun with them. I think I truly love creating knitted toys. It is very important for me to work with other people. This knitting kit is out from Knit Now magazine this month.

Making knitting kit is tricky and needs careful planning. I hope many will enjoy the project. This magazine if out for a month, thank goodness, so you have a bit more time to buy a copy from a shop. Once it is activated, I will post a link on this page. Apart from the recent emergency trip in November, our last visit was in My mother was still well so that we traveled Kyoto and Osaka together.

It is a shame that she is in hospital now and probably, she will never get to travel with us again. However, I was determined to enjoy this trip and had planned many things to do during the stay. First, we visited Tokyo. Father-in-law had gotten us to stay in a nice hotel with a fantastic view of the Skytree. One of the exciting event in Tokyo was visiting Nihon Vogue-sha, one of the leading craft book and magazine publishers in Japan. I always wanted to get in contact with Japanese publishers. I was delighted when I received a message inviting me to visit them.

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Interestingly, the editor I met was a man who is a keen knitter himself. I know there are many male knitters out there, but never had have seen one in person.

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I had brought all my book titles and many issues of knitting magazines. I also gave him one of my little knitted work. We talked about knitting and crochet extensively and that was such a joy. Time flew by very quickly. He gave me a couple of knitting books and the latest copy of their magazine which is full of beautiful designs. The article is about how these bags are made with many hours of effort and are treasured by many, quite often handed down from a generation to a generation.

What a coincidence! I thought, because I was just given a crochet bag from my mother a few days previously. This bag was made especially for my mother as a wedding gift. It means it was made fifty odd years ago! It is beaded and crocheted.