Out There in the Night

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The Saturday night spectacular from Generik Vapeur and Gorilla Circus is billed as a "high-octane call-to-arms for humanity's future. The procession starts from Trafalgar Road from 9pm, and is expected to last for about 90 minutes.

Log in Register. Toggle navigation. Picture: Ella Wilkinson Archant. Thousands of people have flocked to Great Yarmouth on the opening day of an international festival. Sometimes we change the time of the clocks so that we can make more use of the hours of daylight. If we used the same time all year around in Britain then, in the summer, the sun would rise at am and set at pm.

Not many people are awake at am, but lots of people are awake after pm.

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We set our clocks forward one hour in the spring so that the sun rises at am and sets at pm and we set them back one hour in the winter. This is called summer time. Find out where it is daytime and where it is nighttime right now. Colour in some pictures of nocturnal animals. Explore the constellations in a children's guide. Try lots of different seasons games.

Are there any aliens out there? We are close to knowing for sure

Play a day and night simulation game. Spot animals in the dark in Night Light, an interactive game.

What are day and night?

Make your own paper sundial. Start your trial for FREE today!

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Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. What are day and night? It takes 24 hours for the Earth to turn all the way around rotation. That makes one day and one night.

Sam Darnold states obvious: “It was a rough night out there”

At any moment, half of the world is in daytime and half is in nighttime. The world is like a ball. We call the top half the Northern hemisphere and the bottom half the Southern hemisphere. The imaginary line between them is called the equator.

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  7. In summer the days are longer than they are in winter. In London, the longest day is about 16 hours and 39 minutes and the shortest is 7 hours and 45 minutes. In the Southern hemisphere the seasons are the other way around. When it is summer in Europe, it is winter in Australia. Imagine celebrating Christmas on a long, hot summer day! To help us understand where we are in the world, we also split the world into right and left halves called the Eastern hemisphere and the Western hemisphere.

    The world is split into time zones.

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    Continental Europe is in the time zone to the east of Britain, so time is one hour ahead there; when it is 1pm in Britain it is 2pm in France. On the opposite side of the world from London is the International Date Line. On one side of the line time is 12 hours behind Britain, and on the other side time is 12 hours ahead of Britain. For some, the sheer size of the universe makes it unlikely that life formed only once.

    For others, the remarkable complexity of life on Earth is testament to its uniqueness. Until recently, vague philosophical answers of this kind were the best science could do. The signs of life were far too ambiguous to pin down for certain, and our nearest potentially habitable worlds were too small and distant to test.

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    But for the first time in human history we are reaching the technological sophistication needed to provide a genuine answer. Powerful telescopes are letting us study planets in other solar systems, giving us a glimpse into their atmospheres and a flavour of what type of life might be living on their surfaces.