Old Mother Hubbard

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Old Mother Hubbard

The qualifying subtotal excludes any Repeat Delivery orders or One-Time delivery orders. The discount will appear in your cart. Subtotal refers to amount of order before taxes and shipping. There were to be found neither oranges, nor cheesecakes, nor penny buns, nor gingerbread, nor crackers, nor nuts, nor lucifer matches. The cupboard was bare! There was but one, only one, solitary cup- board in the whole of that cottage, and that one, the sole hope of the widow and the glori- ous loadstar of the poor dog, was bare!

Far removed from these earthly ideas, these mundane desires, poor Mother Hubbard, the widow, whom many thoughtless worldlings would despise, in that she only owned one cupboard, perceived — or I might even say, saw— at once the relentless logic of the situa- tion, and yielded to it with all the heroism of that nature, which had enabled her without deviation to reach the barren cupboard.

Britain by the Book: The Curious Origins of Old Mother Hubbard - Interesting Literature

She did not attempt, like the stiff-necked scoffers of this generation, to war against the inevitable ; she did not try, like the so-called men of science, to explain what she did not understand. She did nothing. But do we not know sufficient? Are we not cognizant of enough? Who would dare to pierce the veil that shrouds the ulterior fate of old Mother Hub- 7 bard, the poor dog, the cupboard, or the bone that was not there?

Must we imagine her still standing at the open cupboard door — depict to ourselves the dog still drooping his disappointed tail upon the floor — the sought- for bone still remaining somewhere else? Suf- fice it for us to glean from this beautiful story its many lessons ; suffice it for us to apply them, to study them as far as in us lies, and, bearing in mind the natural frailty of our na- ture, to avoid being widows ; to shun the patronymic of Hubbard ; to have, if our means afford it, more than one cupboard in the house, and to keep stores in them all.

And oh!

Who was Old Mother Hubbard? My dear Hearers : It is my purpose this evening to give to you the result of many hours of thought and con- sultation of various writers, regarding the sub- ject to which our attention has been lately called.


While I hesitate to engage in the controver- sial spirit of the day, I feel it my duty to ex- pound to you the truth, and to unmask any heresy that may be gaining ground. Firstly : Old Mother Hubbard was not a widow. I am at a loss to understand why our learned brother should so have drawn upon his imagina- tion as to represent her as such, when, as I shall endeavor to set before you conclusively this evening, it is distinctly stated in the text, that she was the wife of an ogre! Deep research has convinced me of this fact.

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  5. I find that in those days ogres did not catch and kill their own meat, as is commonly sup- posed. They, therefore, employed their own individual butchers ; but, with rare wisdom, they chose some carnivorous animal to supply their table. A young cub was a less expensive butcher than a bear, as, nowadays, labor is cheaper from the young aspirant, than from the assured professional.

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    6. Therefore they were the usual employees. No, my hearers, evidently she was rich, evi- dently she held the purse-strings, and the ogre had stealthily supplied his table with a luxury, i5 and his house with a steward, for which he individually was incapable of providing the means.