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Come on in and please seat yourself. Some of the hottest writers of gay erotica spin tales of Riding the Rails. Trains are so romantic.

1. He’s captivated by the whole package

The clock fades from your mind as the country spreads out before you. Forget catching up on your readingyou have scenery to inspire you and time for an innocent flirtation or two.


Or ten. Maybe not so innocent and more than a flirtation. It could be the guy in the cargo shorts across the aisle, sleeping with his legs just far enough apart. It could be the blond in the tight muscle shirt and baggy sweatpants heading for the bathroom. It could even be the handsome stranger sitting opposite you who chats you up and invites you to the dining car with yet another invitation in his eyes.

This train will take you places you never dreamed of going. By Frederick Smith and Others.

Two newly single, Black, queer, and socially aware men have packed up to start again—in love, career, and life—in the West Hollywood neighborhood of LA. If only it were that easy. Kenny Kane has made a career of deferring dreams, lowering expectations, and chasing partners not on his level in hopes of finding a love to call his own.

However, on the verge of the big , he realizes the clock is ticking on all his dreams. As Zaire and Kenny undo the significant relationships of their pasts, they hope new opportunities, energy, mindsets, and connections will reinvigorate what is missing in their lives—drama and all.

Men in California oversaw a romance scam that targeted women worldwide, feds say

By Bud Gundy. Intelligent, handsome, and struggling to make his rent, thirty-year-old Drew Morten loses his only meaningful relationship when his grandmother dies. A famous television anchor, Claudia Trenton leaves Drew the legacy of her secret memoir. From the fate of a vanished medieval prince to a top-secret NASA study about a mystifying space object, her unreported discoveries hum with wonder. By Greg Herren. A Katrina survivor waits for rescue on his roof in the brutal heat, reflecting on the life choices that brought him to this moment.

A gay journalist travels to Italy to interview his teen idol, only to discover a darkness in the Tuscan hills. A gay man cleans his home, reflecting on his sociopathic criminal mother. Chanse MacLeod returns to his hometown to help his younger brother, accused of murder. Share on. Select format eBook Paperback. Not Available. Add to wishlist.

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Here's why. Giuliani's globetrotting complicates US foreign policy.


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Within weeks, their relationship grew into an internet romance with the man sending daily emails in English that she translated via Google. The man who called himself Terry Garcia asked for money -- lots of it -- from the woman identified as FK in federal court documents. But in reality, Garcia did not exist. It was all an international online scam ran by two Nigerian men in the Los Angeles area with the help of associates in their home country and other nations, federal officials say. Of those, 17 people have been arrested in the US so far and federal investigators are trying to track down the rest in Nigeria and other nations.

The whirlwind online romance between FK and Garcia was all conducted on a Yahoo email address with no phone calls. Garcia told FK he wasn't allowed to use a phone in Syria, according to federal authorities. Demands for money started after he told her he'd found a bag of diamonds in Syria and needed her help to smuggle it out of the war-torn nation.