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Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams have made the writing of fantasy a legitimate art. These writers, according to Mark Hillegas, editor of and contributor to this collection, have revived the ancient arts of epic and romance, have returned to the tradition created by the Odyssey, the Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, and Faust. Wary both of escapist fantasy and "grand narratives," it explores how stories can generate a new vision.

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Focuses on four contemporary Arthurian rewritings - Fay Sampson, Mary Stewart, Gillian Bradshaw, Marion Zimmer Bradley and six Arthurian short stories to explore the intersection of popular fiction and liberal feminist discourses in Western society. This book provides an illuminating guide to literature that creates alternative worlds for young readers. Focusing on the work of Ursula Le Guin, Terry Pratchett and Philip Pullman, the book considers both the genre of alternative worlds and the distinctiveness of these authors texts, including Philip Pullman s The Amber Sypglass. The Picara traces the development of this character, from an autonomous woman in a harsh patriarchal society to the female hero of the modern fantasy novel.

Like the fantasy and science fiction of today, the romances of the Middle Ages were written in times of extreme and prolonged social upheaval. In all three genres, the storytellers draw on the same archetypes--the hero, the quest, the transformation--for stories whose goal is to provide hope.

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The works of J. Lewis, Charles Williams and Owen Barfield have had a profound impact on the contemporary world. Together they were The Inklings, a small literary group of friends who set out to explore the mythopoeic or myth-making element in imaginative fiction. The Magical World of the Inklings reveals how each of these writers created a magical world which initiated the reader into hidden and powerful realms of the creative imagination.

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  4. In this authoritative, entertaining, and generously illustrated book, Stephen Knight traces the myth of Merlin back to its earliest roots in the early Welsh figure of Myrddin. He then follows Merlin as he is imagined and reimagined through centuries of literature and art, beginning with Geoffrey of Monmouth, whose immensely popular History of the Kings of Britain transmitted the story of Merlin to Europe at large.

    He covers French and German as well as Anglophone elements of the myth and brings the story up to the present with discussions of a globalized Merlin who finds his way into popular literature, film, television, and New Age philosophy. Im Chesterton, C. Edited and with intro by Susan Wood.

    Aqueduct Press is pleased to announce the release of Cheek by Jowl, a collection of talks and essays on how and why fantasy matters, by Ursula K. Le Guin. In these essays, Le Guin argues passionately that the homogenization of our world makes the work of fantasy essential for helping us break through what she calls the reality trap. Le Guin writes not only of the pleasures of her own childhood reading, but also about what fantasy means for all.

    Black, , pages. Edited by Walter Hooper. Toutes les techniques , Paris, Eyrolles, , pages. Tolkien, George MacDonald, E. LOY, David R. Loy and his wife, Goodhew, offer a brief but compelling foray into the dharma teachings of modern fantasy in YA literature and film. Tolkien s Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example, may seem to be entirely un-Buddhist it features a Christian-influenced resurrection and posits a profound dualism between good and evil , but its preference for nonviolence, shown in the repeated sparing of Gollum s life, resonates with Buddhist principles.

    More importantly, Frodo s quest is one of renunciation; the story is fundamentally a lesson of nonattachment. Tolkien and Mervyn Peake. In this first book on English fantasy, Colin Manlove shows that for all its immense diversity, English fantasy can best be understood in terms of its strong national character rather than as an international genre.

    Showing its development from Beowulf to Blake, the author describes English fantasy s modern growth through the secondary world, metaphysical, emotive, comic, subversive and children s fantasy. Fantasy is often seen as being the same all over the world, but in fact it is strongly national in character, and as this book shows, nowhere more so than in England. Biblio, pp. The book also examines the major building blocks of fantasy fiction, and discusses the purpose and popularity of fantasy literature today. Includes material from original interviews and many brief samples of outstanding passages from the writings of the best fantasists, from J.

    Tolkien to J. Rowling, from C. Lewis to Stephen King, drawing an inclusive picture of a vibrant literary community across the ages. This is a substantially revised version of an earlier work, The Writer s Guide to Fantasy Literature , now oriented to a general audience of readers, while offering many tips and techniques for writers. White, Robert E. Howard, Ursula K. Avant-propos de Boris Vallejo. This book traces the history of fantasy from the earliest years through to the origins of modern fantasy in the twentieth century.

    From the s when Tolkien published The Lord of the Rings and Lewis published the Narnia books the story is dealt with decade by decade. In the s, fantasy earned its own section in bookshops in the English-speaking world and beyond, and by the end of the s, fantasy writers such as Terry Pratchett and J. Rowling had become the bestselling writers in Britain, while Tolkien was a best-seller in all the major languages of the world. Donaldson, Stephen King, C. Rowling, Sheri S. Beginning with five theoretical essays on fantasy as a consideration of spirituality and human values, the collection moves to five studies of specific fantasies as commenting on the role of imagination in human life.

    These are followed by four essays on fantasy as asserting the interconnectedness of all life, stressing the need for cooperation and the cultivation of environmental awareness. Finally, our discussion concludes with five studies of fantasy seen as exploration of the human condition with its eternal dilemmas of life versus death, of chaos versus order, of rationality versus intuition, of fate versus free will, and of the real versus the imaginary.

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    From Homer to Harry Potter provides the historical background readers need to understand this timeless genre. It explores the influence of biblical narrative, Greek mythology, and Arthurian legend on modern fantasy and reveals how the fantastic offers profound insights into truth. The authors draw from a Christian viewpoint informed by C. This accessible book guides undergraduate students, pastors, and lay readers to a more astute and rewarding reading of all fantasy literature.

    A second issue, no. En collaboration avec Kuno Liesegang. Donaldson, J. Religious discourse has become alien to the secular and skeptical western societies of the twentieth century. There is real discomfort when religious discourse appears either in the popular press or in society. But even in a secular society, there is still a psychological need one might even use the stronger word will , if not to believe, then at least to hope.

    Filmer states this need is met in the literature of fantasy.

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    Tolkien, and Charles Williams, Westport Conn. The Oxford group of writers known as the Inklings met and thrived during the s and s. Three of the members, C. Tolkien, and Charles Williams, became known as authors and cultural figures, recognized for interweaving Christian themes into fantasy fiction. Every member of the Inklings was male, and the group consciously excluded women.

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    This book explores the role of women in the lives of Tolkien, Williams, and Lewis and the attitude of the Inklings toward females. In doing so, it sheds new light on the lives and works of these important writers. This Companion offers a chronological sweep of the canon of Arthurian literature - from its earliest beginnings to the contemporary manifestations of Arthur found in film and electronic media.

    Part of the popular series, Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture, this expansive volume enables a fundamental understanding of Arthurian literature and explores why it is still integral to contemporary culture. Featuring scripts for well known classical fantasy stories, as well as more current entries into the genre, Wings of Fancy addresses subgenres such as: Fairies and Enchanted Creatures; Fantastic Beasts and Talking Animals.

    Each script offers a summary of the story with background information on the author and story, plus suggested further readings.

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    Staging and presentation directions are included, as is a glossary of new and unfamiliar terms. Unlike most other books of this type, lesson plans and project ideas are also included for each story. Contribution de Christian Hautop. Tolkien were members of a writing group known as the Inklings, a group that also included novelist Charles Williams, historian Warren Lewis, and philosopher Owen Barfield. In this groundbreaking book, Diana Glyer invites readers into the heart of their meetings, showing how encouragement, criticism, and collaboration changed The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and dozens of other important works.

    Goimardement magistral! Fantasy, Myth and the Measure of Truth, in paperback for the first time, offers a detailed examination and discussion of the. This trajectory of mythopoeia or myth-making has its roots in the quest by a range of Romantic writers to transpose certain spiritual and moral values, once believed to be the prerogative of organized religion, into new myths. Critical of myths that are merely escapist fantasies, this study is also suspicious of totalizing grand narratives that repress dissenting voices.

    The study nevertheless argues that, at its best, this mythopoeic tradition, which includes E. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

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