Dangerous Lovers: Roses and Thorns

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He is everything you want in a sexy leading man. I love the story of East of the Sun West of the Moon and was intrigued. I like romantic fantasy but rarely read it.

So many books. So little time. I read the book last week and am glad I did. Of course, and not to spoil anything, but I liked the passionate side of him with the whole neck biting scene. I like Tamlin, I do.

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And, many of the things that frustrated me about Tamlin in the book made sense by its end. Do you think Ms.

Mass pulled it off? Haley : I do, I think because the three men were all so different.

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Each was likable and unlikable for their own reasons. Plus, Feyre was tough enough to hold her own with all three of them. Lucien might actually be my favorite of the guys because I enjoyed his banter with Feyre. His taking Feyre to the parties drugged again, trying hard not to spoil anything was strange to me, and I never totally understood the purpose for it.

Dangerous Lovers: Roses and Thorns

What drew you to Rhysand? Rhysand, like Spike, is far more flawed than Tamlin or Angel. He was more interesting to me. Haley : I can see what you mean.

I agree with you about Buffy. Spike was more interesting that Angel. I personally found Angel too melancholy and insufferable. Dabney : Yes although I think his behavior saved her life. Haley : So something I found interesting with Court of Thorns and Roses was that it is categorized as Young Adult, but was far more frank about sexuality than YA is typically permitted to be.

I personally loved that Feyre was allowed to embrace her own sexuality and not be guilty about it.

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I think the sex in this book is unusual for a romance of any kind in that sex is fairly divorced from love. What did you think about that aspect of the story?

Dangerous Lovers: Roses and Thorns

Haley : I actually really liked it. The thing roses are possibly the most famous for, other than their beauty and perfume, is their evil thorns.

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They are often the first thought amongst non rose lovers and put a lot of people off growing them altogether. However, all things are not made equal in the rose world, being such a huge and widespread genus, they come in all shapes and sizes. Because most of the roses we grow today are complex mixtures of many different genus, the thorniness levels vary drastically, even within types.

Therefore we have bourbons well armed with large, apparently evil thorns, like Souvenir de la Malmaison and Mme Lauriol de Barney and on the other hand the virtually thornless Zepherine Drouhin and her sport Kathleen Harrop. The multifloras are a gentle family, usually only sporting bristles and maybe some small thorns under the leaves, and these have produced families of very low thorn roses, the polyanthas and the multiflora ramblers. Smooth Prince etc.