Biomass Feedstocks for Biopower: Background and Selected Issues

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For biomass to be effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it must be produced in a sustainable way. Biomass production involves a chain of activities ranging from the growing of feedstock to final energy conversion. Each step along the way can pose different sustainability challenges that need to be managed.

The Commission's November proposal for a revised Renewable Energy Directive includes updated sustainability criteria for biofuels used in transport and bioliquids, and solid and gaseous biomass fuels used for heat and power.

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Annexes V and VI include updated greenhouse gas emission accounting rules and default values. Technical background studies for the preparation of the Impact Assessment on the Sustainability of Bioenergy:.

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In , the European Commission published a report on the sustainability of solid and gaseous biomass for heat and electricity generation. The report includes information on current and planned EU actions to maximise the benefits of using biomass while avoiding negative impacts on the environment. Many countries have developed strategies and instruments in order to stimulate the availability of domestic biomass feedstocks and the use of these resources for bioenergy purposes. However, a good matching between domestic bioenergy policies and markets is still challenging. CT4 participants discussed whether these examples could be replicated in other Member States.

The discussions showed that promising market segments for biomass heating are mainly driven by local biomass suppliers and need adapted financial instruments to expand given that investors primarily face CAPEX barriers, rather than OPEX barriers. For biogas, a vivid discussion shows local solutions are manifold depending on a variety of policy and physical parameters.

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Biomass Feedstocks

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US billion-ton update: biomass supply for a bioenergy and bioproducts industry

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