Über Res gestae (divi Augusti) (German Edition)

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Translated and edited by Paul Swarney CIL, Vol. III, pp. Before his death Augustus deposited with the Vestal Virgins a number of documents.

In one of these Suetonius says that he set forth "an account of his res gestae , which he wished to be inscribed on two bronze pillars to be set up before his mausoleum" Augustus The Res Gestae is preserved in an almost complete copy with a Greek translation, inscribed on the walls of the temple of Roma and Augustus at Ancyra Ankara , in the province of Galatia whence it is commonly called the Monumentum Ancyranum ; sections of the Greek and Latin texts have also been found in Apollonia and Antioch in Pisidia. The reader may wish to ask why such an inscription should be erected so far from Rome and by whom and for whom.

This translation is from the Latin text.

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At age nineteen on my advice and my expense I collected an army through which I brought into freedom a res publica oppressed by dominatio of a faction. Pansa and A. People then made me consul when each consul had fallen in battle, and triumvir for fixing res public a. Those who murdered my parent I drove into exile with legal judgements having avenged their crime, and later I twice defeated them in battle as they made war against res publica.

I waged foreign and civil wars many times on land and sea on the whole circle of earth, and as victor spared all citizens asking for pardon. Foreign peoples who could safely be pardoned I preferred to preserve rather than eliminate. I captured six hundred ships, excluding those of smaller class than triremes.

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Twice I celebrated ovations, three times curule triumphs, and was acclaimed imperator twenty-one times. When Senate decided on additional triumphs to me, I declined them all. I deposited on Capitolium laurel wreaths on my fasces , after fulfilling vows which I had made in each war. For successes achieved on land and at sea by me or through my legati under my auspices Senate decreed fifty-five times that thanksgiving be offered to gods immortal.

‘Res Gestae Divi Augusti’: The Narcissism and Propaganda of Augustus, Rome’s First Emperor

In my triumphs there were led before my chariot nine kings or children of kings. Dictatorship offered to me, when M. Marcellus and L.

Res gestae divi Augusti

Arruntius were consuls, by people and by Senate, both in my absence and in my presence, I did not accept. Amid scarcity of grain I did not decline supervision of grain supply, which I so managed that within few days I freed the whole community from panic and danger by my expenditures and concern. Consulship, too, which was then offered to me as an annual and continual office, I did not accept.

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When M. Vinicius and Q. Lentulus and Cn. Lentulus, and a third time when Paullus Fabius Maximus and Q. Tubero were consuls, though Senate and Roman people acting together agreed that I should be elected guardian of laws and morals with highest authority, I did not accept any office offered me which was contrary to traditions of our ancestors. Measures which Senate desired at that time to be taken by me I carried through tribunicia potestas. In this potestas I five times requested and was given a colleague by Senate. I was one of three men triumviri for fixing res publica for ten consecutive years.

I have been princeps Senatus for forty years, up to the day on which I wrote this.. In my fifth consulship I increased the number of patricians, by order of people and Senate. And in my sixth consulship, with M.

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Agrippa as my colleague, I did a census of people. I performed lustrum forty two years after the last. At this lustrum four million and sixty-three thousand Roman citizens were recorded. Then again, acting alone, by virtue of consular power, I completed a census in consulship of C. Censorinus and C. At this lustrum four million two hundred and twenty three thousand Roman citizens were recorded.

And a third time I completed a census in consulship of Sex. Pompeius and Sex. Bibliography I. Goette, in The Greek Theatre , , surveys the five main types of choregic dedication…. French, EA 40 nos. Texts of nos. Scheid, Res Gestae Divi Augusti. Hauts faits du divin Auguste Paris ; 2 A. Cooley, Res Gestae Divi Augusti. Text, translation and commentary Cambrid….

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SEG 57 , S. Under Sev….

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Mitchell in R. Haensch, J. Heinrichs edd. SEG 57 ] [cf. SEG …. SEG 33 ; 37 ; 41 ; 51 3; 52 Agora XIX L Csapo, art. SEG 36 ; 43 ; 55 39; 56 Papazarkadas, ZPE no. According to Cornelius Nepos , by the middle years of the first century BC the temple had lost its roof after many years of neglect. As a result, the emperor Augustus decided to rebuild it on the suggestion of Titus Pomponius Atticus , the wealthy equestrian most famous for being the friend and confidant of Cicero.

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