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Entrance Foyer. Rustic Entry. Villa Plan. Stairway Gallery. Gallery Walls. Art Gallery. Stairway Art.

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Stairway Walls. Pair of lion head table lamps made from architectural elements. Morris Lantern.

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Entrance Hall. Foyer Staircase. Marble Staircase. Tile Entryway. Narrow Staircase. Brooklyn Brownstone. Maybe equally as important as the person standing up there next to you… Tracery Interiors And rightly so, we think. That china pattern is going to be dining with you several times a day for years and years and …. Modern Cottage. Cottage Style. Modern Farmhouse. Bookcase Styling. Built In Bookcase. Bookcase Lighting. White Porcelain. Rope railing in place of a traditional one - amazing look!

Rope Railing. Stair Banister. Staircase Runner.

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Nautical Rope. Nautical Theme. Nautical Style. Western Theme. Nautical Design. Gorgeous glass door surround. Exterior Doors. Door Entryway. Oak Doors.

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Dutch Door Exterior. Entry Rug. Entryway Ideas. Exterior Door Ideas. Painted Doors. Painted Interior Doors. Door Design Interior. Cafe Interior. Arched Interior Doors.

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Interior Door Colors. Kitchen Interior. Door Paint Colors. Bedroom Paint Colors. Find this Pin and more on chandalers by Jackie knapp. Dining Room Picture Wall. Dining Room Inspiration. Home Decor Inspiration. Design Inspiration. Design Ideas. Design Projects. The fourteenth century saw an exponential rise in charterhouses across Europe. During this period of growth, the cloister walls protecting the silence and solitude of the relatively small and isolated semi-eremitical Carthusian houses became more porous, pliable, and open to the outer world.

Although still considered at the forefront of Christian piety and asceticism, the Carthusians began to be more clearly identified with their newly acquired taste for the arts, literature, and architecture.

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  5. Gradually, charterhouses became major humanist centres attracting sophisticated patrons, artists, and scholars. Of the long line of renowned anti-scholastic intellectuals who were attracted to Carthusian circles, Petrarch was undoubtedly the first. An interdisciplinary approach, involving parallel readings of Petrarchan texts, early monastic and Carthusian primary sources, together with more recent theological reflections, offers new insights into the role of Carthusianism in the intellectual debate on spirituality and the position of the individual within this order.

    Loiseleurio procumbentis-Vaccinietea microphylli , Rhododendro ferruginei-Vaccinietalia microphylli , and herbaceous vegetation at uppermost elevations with Sesleria caerulea , Carex ferruginea and Salix herbacea Festuco-Seslerietea , Seslerietalia caeruleae ; Caricetea curvulae , Caricetalia curvulae; Salicetea herbaceae , Salicetalia herbaceae. The southern sectors include Quercus frainetto forests Quercetalia pubescenti-petraeae , supraforestal scrubs with Juniperus communis subsp. Further PNV types that are markedly influenced by the proximity to the Mediterranean include Quercus virgiliana forests.

    The flora includes widespread eastern taxa, even among woody species e. Quercus cerris and Cercis siliquastrum , in addition to central-European taxa in the northern sector. Provinces of the Mediterranean Division are bounded according to the limits of structural domains and biogeographic provinces and reflect the mean annual shift in precipitation and range of temperatures between the east and west sides of the country Table V.

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    The Tyrrhenian Province has potential for Quercus ilex together with mixed Q. Deciduous forests with a varying degree of evergreen component, including thermophilous oak forests with Quercus virgiliana , Q. Owing to the central position within the Mediterranean basin, the flora has a Mediterranean character, mainly with western taxa and a few central-European taxa; numerous endemites occur along the coasts and on the islands e. Betula aetnensis , Genista corsica , Helichrysum litoreum , Hyoseris taurina , Primula palinuri.

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    The vegetation potential of the Adriatic Province consists of evergreen and thermophilous deciduous and semi-deciduous forests with a marked east Mediterranean biogeographic influence, prevalently composed of Quercus ilex in southern sectors Quercetea ilicis , Quercetalia ilicis and of Q. Oak forests under eastern biogeographic influence with Quercus dalechampii , Q. The flora is characterised by the co-occurrence of several species of genus Quercus , some on the western edge Q. The 11 Italian Sections Figure 2 ; see also the map in Appendix 1 are hereafter organised according to the underlying Provinces and described by means of a synthetic table with the most important physical and land cover features.

    Their geographic location, biogeography and PNV are described below. The main distinctive features between Subsections are also stated in the Section tables, whereas a comprehensive descriptive sheet for each of these units is provided in Appendix 2. Vegetation potential for coniferous and Ostrya carpinifolia forests is very limited compared with the Central and Eastern Alps. The floristic contingent is characterised by Alpine and continental taxa, with some Mediterraneans Juniperus thurifera , Colutea arborescens , Thymus vulgaris and with steppe taxa species of the genera Artemisia , Ephedra and Bassia along valleys with a continental bioclimate.